Introducing The Roland VersaStudio BN2 Series of Desktop Printer/Cutters

The introduction of the new VersaSTUDIO BN2 Series by Roland DG marks a significant leap forward in the world of printing technology. This cutting-edge printer has set a new standard for performance, quality, and versatility in the industry. It is designed to cater to a diverse array of industries and sectors, making it an invaluable asset for small businesses, graphic designers, print shops, and manufacturers alike. Its versatility, precision, and exceptional output quality make it an ideal choice for those seeking professional-grade printing solutions in industries ranging from signage and apparel to product labelling and packaging design.

Through this release, Roland DG aims to make advanced graphics production accessible to home offices and small businesses, meeting the heightened demand for cutting-edge printing technology that has surged since the onset of the pandemic. In this article, we’ll delve into the remarkable features and capabilities of the VersaSTUDIO BN2 Series, exploring how these printers are poised to transform the printing landscape for a wide range of applications and industries.

Roland VersaStudio BN2 Series of Desktop Printer/Cutters

Expanding the VersaSTUDIO desktop product range, the Roland VersaStudio BN2 Series of Desktop Printer/Cutters brings versatile decoration technology for home offices, corporate offices, and print shops aiming to launch or grow their businesses. This series includes two robust eco-solvent desktop devices renowned for their exceptional print quality and precise contour-cutting capabilities, enabling the effortless creation of automatic contour-cut graphics, photos, and text in various shapes and for diverse applications. It’s the ideal solution for crafting high-value items like t-shirts, posters, stickers, labels, and uniquely shaped displays in high definition and remarkable speed.

With VersaSTUDIO BN2 Series printers, you can effortlessly create and accurately cut graphics for various applications using a single compact and budget-friendly device. Designed with user-friendliness in mind, these printers are accessible even to individuals without prior printing experience, thanks to the included easy-to-use design and output software that allows anyone to start designing and printing right out of the box.

VersaStudio BN2 Specifications

These printers share the advanced features of Roland DG’s wide-format printers, including high-definition printheads, eco-solvent inks, and cutting-edge technology, providing smaller print shops with access to premium printing quality, improved ink density, and a wider colour range.

Stunning High-Resolution Prints

The VersaStudio BN2 offers a choice of two models to cater to customer preferences: one equipped with specially formulated Eco-Sol MAX2 and Eco-Sol MAX3 inks in a CMYK plus White 5-color configuration (BN2-20) and the other in a CMYK 4-color configuration (BN2-20A).

The VersaStudio BN2 ensures a consistent production of stunning high-resolution prints characterized by vibrant colours and exceptional detail. These prints also offer excellent outdoor durability, ensuring the longevity of your graphics.

Integrated Print and Cut

The BN2-20 and BN2-20A models feature cutting-edge print and cut technology, streamlining the process of printing and contour-cutting graphics, including intricate shapes, within a single, automated workflow. This integrated print/cut capability offers significant time and labor savings when producing graphics for diverse applications

Productive and Efficient

The BN2 series introduces a substantial boost in print speeds, achieving a four-fold increase compared to the original BN-20 when operating in Standard mode. This speed enhancement is made possible through the integration of a new linear motion guide, an additional dryer, and an upgraded main board. The series is designed for seamless installation, enabling users to initiate production immediately.

Furthermore, its user-friendly features, such as front-loading ink and media, automatic sheet-cutting, and more, are meticulously designed to enhance convenience and efficiency. The BN2-20 and BN2-20A models feature ingenious design and user-friendly attributes, enabling effortless operation and allowing individuals with minimal or no printing expertise to swiftly create professional-grade graphics with precision and simplicity.

print speed bn2

Compact Size

The compact BN2 series printer/cutters are designed to conveniently fit on the majority of desktops, making them an excellent choice for home-based businesses and smaller print shops. The innovative “Front Access Structure” allows all printer tasks, including media setup and maintenance, to be executed from the front of the device, while the built-in storage drawer provides space for tools and spare ink, ensuring efficient operation in limited spaces

Affordable Starter Price

The BN2 series of printers/cutters presents an attractive proposition for emerging enterprises and wide-format printing services, delivering professional-grade print and cut precision, coupled with the renowned reliability Roland DG is known for, all at highly competitive pricing. Bundled with comprehensive design and output software, these systems provide all the essential tools necessary to elevate your operations without straining your budget.

Additional Features

  • Included VersaWorks 6 Output Software for users looking for even greater control over BN2 output settings and capabilities.
  • Included FlexiDESIGNER VersaSTUDIO Edition Software that allows even those with little or no printing experience to start creating and outputting colorful, attention-grabbing graphics.
  • The Automatic Sensor Adjustment feature automatically fine-tunes printer settings based on the type and thickness of the media, guaranteeing optimal conditions for any user to create professional-quality prints.
  • Access to the Roland DG Connect app enables BN2 users to gain a detailed understanding of their print operation and keep their device running optimally.
  • The Sheet Cut Function eliminates the need for manual cutting, allowing users to easily perform cuts with a simple button press in the Utility software.
  • Each BN2 printer/cutters includes Roland DG’s top-tier customer service and support, along with a One-Year Trouble-Free Warranty. Additional Warranty for Year 2 and 3 are available at extra cost.

Best Applications

Roland VersaStudio BN2 Series is best for:

  • Apparel
  • Decals and Labels
  • Small Signs and Posters
  • Art and Photography
  • Printing on Dark, Clear and Metallic Media (doable only with Roland VersaStudio BN2-20)

With the Roland VersaStudio BN2 Series of  Desktop Printer/Cutters, your path to professional-grade printing and cutting is clearer and more accessible than ever. Whether you’re a start-up wide-format printing business, a small print provider, or seeking to enhance your home-based operations, the BN2 series offers unmatched quality, speed, and user-friendliness. Roland DG’s commitment to innovation, combined with PRINTFINISH’s dedication to customer satisfaction, ensures that you’re not just purchasing a printer/cutter but investing in a successful and efficient printing future.

Explore the unbeatable printing possibilities with Roland VersaStudio BN2 printer/cutters, and take your printing business to new heights. At PRINTFINISH, we are your trusted partner in providing top-quality printing equipment. Contact us today to get started on your journey to professional-grade printing success.