SUPU Super450 Heavy Duty Electric Punch Machine

SUPU Super450 Heavy Duty Electric Punching Machine

SUPU Super450 Heavy Duty Electric Punching Machine



SUPER450 is a heavy duty electric punching machine, which can be utilized in industry, enterprise and large organizations with a firm design. Comes with good look and spacious appearance, The working platform is additionally sufficient for you to work comfortably.

SUPER450 has advanced motor reducer and uniquely made mechanical clutch. A motor can run continuously and punch controlled by a foot pedal which is simple and safe for activity.

SUPU Super450 Heavy Duty Electric Punch Machine


2 in 1 Punch and double wire binding machine.
Very easy to use with electric binding machine in the back.
Interchangeable dies, can be changed within minutes!

Cover Thickness: 4mm
Punching Width: 17″ (430mm)
Punching Speed: 150/min
Wire Closing System: Yes (Back of Machine)
Wire Closing: 3/16”~1-1/2” (4.8~38mm)
Foot Pedal Operation

Basic Info

Model NO.: SUPER450
Controlling Mode: Artificial
Power Source: Electric
Condition: New
Punching Capacity: 5mm(About 40 Sheets)
Time of Changing Die: 5 Minutes
Weight of Machine: 165kg
Pitch: Accommodated All Pitch Sizes
Dimension: 480X260X130mm
Automatic Grade: Semiautomatic
Type: General Punching Machine
Width: 450mm(Super450)
Punch Speed: 0.5s /Punch
Power: 1500W
Speed: Average 300-500 Books/Hr
HD560 Power: 110/220V AC60/50Hz
Trademark: SUPU

Supu Super450 dies

Available dies: 3:1 Square, 2:1 Square, 14.25mm Comb, 3:1 Square Calendar, 3:1 Round Hole Calendar
** Please indicate which die you would like with your purchase of the Super450 **

Heavy load

Additional information

Weight 364 lbs
Dimensions 18.89 × 10.23 × 5.11 in