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Perf / Creasing Machine Model 330 (15” x 35”)




  • Interchangeable crease/ perf dies
  • Crease or perf in a single pass
  • Programmable crease positions with accuracy
  • Easy operation
  • Registration mark cut compensation
  • Crease depth/skew adjustable


Product Name Paper Progresive Creaser
Model No. BW-330 Swift 33
Feeding hand feed
Compact design for small foot print
Thickness 80-400gsm
Max nr creases 32 in one pass
Paper size 50*90-330*900
Operation way Keyboard and LCD screen
Features Book cover model* Progresive *
Package (L*W*H ,GW) 59*59*56cm3 , 45KG , Carton
Installed size (L*W*H ) 123*51*38cm3

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