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Business Card Slitter MSD-A3+ (Automatic)

Business Card Slitter MSD-A3+ (Automatic)


Automatic Business Card Cutter MSD-A3+, Can cut up to 12pcs, 100pcs per min

Warranty: 1 Year


MSD-A3+ Business Card Slitter

Model: MSD-A3+

Best automatic business card slitter

  • Sharp steel Slitter
  • Self-grinding function to ensure a sharp edge
  • Multi-direction adjustment function
Way of cutting Longitudinal: rolled cutting by a roller, horizontal: cutting by a lateral long cutter
Way of paper feeding Automatic paper feeding in single rubbing way
Size of paper 320x480mm (12.6″ x 18.9″)
Thickness of paper 0.20 (180g/m2) – 0.30mm (250g/m2)
Paper nature Common quality paper
Cutting speed Approx. 100pcs/min
Cutting size Longitudinal: 55 (or 45)mm and 89 (or 85, 90, 95)mm
Horizontal: 40-250mm, adjustable
Volume of paper Max 12pcs (about 0.25mm thick) for namecards or total thickness 3mm
Volume of namecard 180g/m2 90x50pcs, 250g/m2 70x50pcs
Mechanical dimension 570mmx540mmx280mm / 22.44″ x 21.26″ x 11.02″ (LxWxH)
Ambience of use -15~+40c humidity 35%~70%
Weight About 13.5kg (29.76 lbs)
Power supply AC 90~260V,50/60hz,0.5A

Additional information

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 22.4 × 21.2 × 11 in


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