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(Used) VersaCAMM SP-540V 54″ Eco-Solvent Inkjet Printer/Cutter


SP-540V Features

-Able to print on uncoated PVC media as well as a full range of coated substrates, from paper and canvas to backlit film
‐ Outstanding print quality with variable droplet technology and up to 1440 dpi resolution
‐ Additional Add-On Pinch Rollers to ensure precision feeding and quality output on heavyweight media
‐ Performs as printer, printer/cutter, or standalone vinyl cutter
‐ Requires no expensive die cutter for decal production
‐ Roland VersaWorks™ software RIP provides total color management and contour-cutting capability with user-friendly operation
‐ VersaWorks includes a genuine Adobe® Postscript®3™ engine and is able to import a wide variety of file formats including PDF1.5 (Acrobat 6.x compatibility)
‐ ECO-SOL INK is gentle for both users and the environment, requiring no expensive ventilation equipment

– Print Resolution: 360×720 dpi, 720×720 dpi, 1080×1080 dpi, 720×1440 dpi
– Ink Cartridges: Type: Roland ECO-SOL MAX ink

Integrated print/cut capabilities
– 54″ Maximum media width
– New Eco-SOL MAX ink
– Tougher, with improved scratch resistance
– Fast drying
– More vivid, with wider color gamut for reds, blues, and greens
– Virtually odorless and user-friendly
– Water- and UV-resistant up to 3 years outdoors without lamination

Capacity: 220 ml or 440 ml +/-5 ml
Color: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black
Weight (with stand): 328 lb, 149 kg