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PS-10 Rotary Numbering System

PS-10 Rotary Numbering System

PS-10 Rotary Numbering System


Suction feed rotary high speed numbering, perforating, and scoring machine.  High production level up to 20,000 sheets per hour.  Adjust print position on the run, quick and easy.


PS-10 Rotary Numbering System

The ultimate high production rotary numbering system.

Air feed “Bottom Suction” Rotary number, perf, and score machine. Equipped with (1) Holding ring w/ cam finger ,(1) straight 7 wheel rotary printhead, (1) perf and (1)score assembly. Oscillating ink system standard.


  • Up to 24 heads
  • Oscillating ink roller system
  • Large split holding ring
  • Electronic repeat: 0-99
  • Print position adjustment
  • Simplified controls
  • Sheet counter.  Factory installed, 8 digit LCD
  • Automatic bottom-of-pile air suction feed
  • Top loading for continuous operation and greater productivity


Features Advantages
Speed: Up to 20,000 sheets per hour Higher production levels, depending on job requirements
Number of heads: Up to 42 Increase productivity. Multiple up numbering in a single pass. (Numbering speed is not affected by the number of printheads.)
Oscillating ink roller system Superior image quality. Economical – use the ink off you shelf or match to MPS color.
Large split holding ring (18.86″ cir) Full bleed 11″ x 17″ and A3 – Flexible number replacement
Electronic repeat: 0-99 Adaptability – put the same number on consective sheets.
Print position adjustment Fast, easy set-up – adjust number on the run.
Simplified controls User friendly operation – all easily accessible.
Sheet counter Factory installed, 8 digit LCD
Automatic bottom-of-pile air suction feed Top loading for continuous operation, greater productivity
Base with 3 individual pumps Seperate pumps control the pneumatics, vacuum, and sheet separation air flow, all contained in base unit.
Lift out perforating, scoring, slitting assembly Combine any/all operations for one pass finishing with true professional results. Large selection of blades.
Impression adjustment Precise pressure adjustment from single sheet to multiple sets. Independent side-to-side.
110V Standard (220V optional) 110V plug-in and run, no special wiring required.


Size 62″L x 32″ W x 48″ H (1575mm x 813mm x 1220mm)
Weight (Net) 370 lbs. (169kg)
Sheet Size Min. 4 1/2″ x 5″ (114mm x 127mm),
Max. 17 1/2″ x 23″ (445mm x 585mm)
Power Requirement 110/1 standard, other voltages optional
Speed Numbering up to 10,000 sheets per hour – perf, slit,
score only up to 20,000 sheets per hour.
Number of Heads Up to 7 straight or 5 convex per holding ring – Max. 42
Number of Holding Rings Up to 6
Minimum Spacing Between Heads on Same Holding Ring 1.82″ parallel (46mm)
2.75″ Convex (70mm)
Maximum Spacing Between Heads on Same Holding Ring 17″ parallel (432mm)
16.1″ Convex (409mm)
Minimum Spacing of Adjacent Parallel Heads 2.875″ (73mm)
Minimum Spacing of Adjacent Convex Heads 2.375″ (60mm)
*Specifications are subject to change without notice
*Worldwide patents pending

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Weight 370 lbs
Dimensions 62 × 32 × 48 in