Auto Perforator Paper CreaserAuto Perforator Paper Creaser

Auto Perforator Paper Creaser Programmable 328

Auto Perforator Paper Creaser Programmable 328


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Warranty: 1 Year

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Auto Perforator Paper Creaser Programmable 328

Creasing/Perforating Width – 12.6”
Adjustable Crease/Perforating distances
Changeable Blades
LCD Display for ease of operation

Paper Thickness 100g – 400g
Creasing Speed Up to 60 creases per minute
First Crease Distance Adjustable
Working Program 100 Group
Creasing Counter Yes
Skew Adjustable Yes
Crease Depth Adjustable Yes
Creasing Blade Standard
Perforating Blade Standard
Weight 101 lbs / 46 kg
Dimensions 480mm x 580mm x 360mm


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Weight 110 lbs