SF-10-Automatic-Creaser-and-Perforator-Printfinish-tabletop creaser

SF-10 Automatic Creaser and Perforator

SF-10 Automatic Creaser and Perforator


  • Perfect for coated paper, offset paper, laminated paper, photo paper 60-350 gsm
  • Top suction feeding
  • 32 lines available in one crease
  • 3000 sheets per hour creasing speed
  • 90mm (3.54″) paper feed tray capacity
  • High precision crease position +/-0.2mm
  • Slide-in option tools
  • Creasing depth and skew adjustment


The SF-10 Automatic Creaser is an ideal tabletop creaser for the digital printing and photo album making industry. With creasing, perforating available, it handles coated paper, laminated paper, offset paper, etc.

The 3-in-1 machine discards the probability of commonly occurring issue of cracking of digitally-printed products. The sheets with fine crease lines can easily pass through paper copiers and printers. This high-performance creaser machine eliminates common tasks since it suits perfectly for office and semi-industrial applications.



Model: SF-10
Infeed size: 50*90 (1.96″x3.54″) – 340*900 (13″x 35″)
Paper type: Chrome, laminated, UV coated, etc
Paper weight(gsm) : 60-300
Work accuracy(mm): +/-0.2 (0.007″)
Feed capacity: /
Crease/Perf max in one pass(times): 32
Work Speed(Sheets/h): 3000
Output capacity(mm): 30 (1.18″)
Feeding type: Manual feeding
Job memory: 30
Power supply: 220V / 110V, 50-60Hz
Power(W): 160
Weight(Kg): 50 (110lb)
Package Dimensions(mm): 610 x 600 x 500  (24″x23″x19″)
Machine Dimensions(mm): 1190 x 505 x 405 (46″x 19.3″x 15″)

Additional information

Weight 110 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 23 × 19 in