Perfect Binding

Boway Perfect Binder BW-986 Series

Boway Perfect Binder BW-986 Series


Boway Perfect Binder 986V & 986Z5, Auto book clamping & cover clamping, 3 Glue rollers, LCD display, Speed adjustment, Digital control


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Boway Perfect Binder

BW-986 Series


  • Side gluing and creasing technology
  • LCD display and intelligent control
  • 3 main glue rollers ensure an even application of glue
  • Automatic creasing function:  The bonded book goes directly to the creasing station for creasing
  • Fold-away work table provides additional work space when needed
  • Integrated fume extraction helps keep your work area comfortable and safe
 Model 986V 986Z5
 Max length 420mm (A3)  420mm (A3)
 Max thickness 60mm (2.4″) 60mm (2.4″)
 Binding speed 300-380 Books/min 300-380 Books/min
 Warming up time About 35mins
 Milling system Solar milling cutter + small milling cutter
 Clamping book Automatic
 Clamping cover Automatic
 Glue rollers  3  3
 Side gluing  Yes
 Milling foldpages  Three folding pages
 Display  LCD
 Fine adjustment of clamp flat  Yes
 Open cover station  Yes
 Worktable  Yes
 Digital control of spine gluing length  Yes  Yes
 Smoke exhaust function  Yes  Yes
 Speed adjustment  Yes  Yes
 Auto-creaser  No  Yes
 Machine size



 Net weight  195kg (430 lbs)  225kg (496 lbs)

Additional information

Weight 496 lbs
Dimensions 81.5 × 25.6 × 40.6 in