Heat Sealer Machine 8″ and 16″

Heat Sealer Machine 8″ and 16″


  • Max heat seal thickness: 10 mils. Sealing width: 2mm. Sealing length: 40cm.
  • 8 levels of heating time are available for your different needs according to the material and thickness of the bags.
  • The pure copper coil can reduce heat and work loss, and the copper transformer is much better than using aluminum or other transformers — a built-in fuse for safe use.
  • Ready to use: No pre-heating time is needed for the heat sealer machine. You just need to plug it in, choose the suitable level by turning the time knob and use it instantly.

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This Polybag Sealing Machine creates perfect seals for different materials and thickness bags; Ideal for sealing PE/PP bags, poly bags, polythene/bubble mailers, kraft bags, Fresco bags, non-woven bags, balloon bags, etc. Polybag sealer can be used for foods(cookies, pies, cakes, sandwiches, coffee beans/powder, nuts, fruits, salad, preserved fruit, milk, juices, drinks) plastic bags sealing in households, supermarkets, grocery stores, drugstores, small factories and so on.

Transformer internal use of pure copper coil, compared to other aluminum transformers. The pure copper transformer reduces the loss of heat and work, plastic bag sealer is more lasting.

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8", 16"