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Heat Sealing Machine 8" and 12"
Heat Sealing Machine 8" and 12"
Heat Sealing Machine 8" and 12"
Heat Sealing Machine 8" and 12"
Heat Sealing Machine 8" and 12"
Heat Sealing Machine 8" and 12"

Heat Sealing Machine 8″ and 12″

Heat Sealing Machine 8″ and 12″


  • Max heat seal thickness: 10 mils. Sealing width: 2mm. 
  • Eight levels of heating time are available. 
  • Ultra-long life with a Pure Copper Transformer
  • Ready to use: No pre-heating time is needed.
  • 8″ and 16″ sizes are available


Heat Sealing Machine 8″ and 12″

The Printfinish Heat Sealing Machine creates perfect seals for different materials and thickness bags;
Ideal for sealing PE/PP bags, poly bags, polythene/bubble mailers, kraft bags, non-woven bags, balloon bags, etc.

In addition, you can make the sealing of poly bags a quick and easy process by using it to
wrap foods up like cookies, pies, cakes, sandwiches, coffee beans/powder, nuts, fruits, salad,
preserved fruit and more.
Also, it’s a perfect solution for sealing plastic bags in supermarkets, grocery stores, drugstores,
small factories, or even at home! 

Furthermore, both Printfinish Portable Sealing Machine sizes have a Pure Copper Transformer,
which reduces the loss of heat and work, and brings more efficiency to plastic bag sealing,
making the seal last even more compared to other sealed bags by machines with aluminum transformers.
More than that, the Pure Copper Transformer also gives this tabletop heat sealer a double longer working
life than a regular sealing machine.

NO WARMUP TIME NEEDED – An impulse sealer can save your business time and money!
The machine will only apply heat whenever the arm is down and in contact with the material by having an impulse sealer.
Create a safer work environment and bring the ability to seal packages quickly for shipping or
storage with the Printfinish Heat Sealing Machine.
Again, no warmup or cooldown time is needed for the Printfinish Heat Sealing Machine, so it’s safe and simple to use. 

Note: The sealer’s light only turns on and gets activated when the handle is pressed down!


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8", 12"


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