TrueVIS inks

TrueVIS: Time for Maintenance

Every Roland DG TrueVIS printer has a unique display warning message system that tells you when it’s time to perform maintenance and replace consumable parts, like head wipers, etc.

When you receive a display message on your TrueVIS printer saying, “Time for Maintenance,” and you bypass this manual cleaning process by hitting the enter key, your printer remembers this. If you continue to bypass this message, your printer will do longer and more frequent internal automatic print head cleanings to compensate for the lack of manual cleanings, using more ink in the process and costing you money. In addition, ignoring the Time for Maintenance messages can also result in clogged print head nozzles and poor quality prints.

With this in mind, Roland DGA recommends following all on-screen displays regarding maintenance. Heeding these important reminders is crucial when it comes to ensuring optimal inkjet performance and customer-pleasing output.


Source/Content provided by: Roland DGA