TrueVIS AP 640 Resin Printer

Introducing Roland TrueVIS AP-640 Large Format Resin/Latex Printer

In the dynamic world of visual communication, where impact and visibility are paramount, business owners operating in wide-format printing find themselves at a critical crossroads. The relentless pace of technological advancement has given rise to a compelling imperative: the need to upgrade or acquire the latest and most advanced printers available in the market. In a landscape characterized by vibrant banners, captivating posters, and attention-commanding billboards, staying ahead isn’t just an advantage; it’s a necessity. This article delves into the factors driving the decisions of these astute business proprietors as they navigate the terrain of innovation, seeking the perfect canvas to translate their creative visions into larger-than-life realities.

Introducing the TrueVIS AP-640, a groundbreaking solution poised to revolutionize the landscape of large-format printing. Designed with the discerning needs of business owners in the expansive realm of large-format printing business in mind, this cutting-edge innovation embodies a new era of possibilities. In the following article, we delve into the multifaceted advantages that the TrueVIS AP-640 brings to the forefront for these business proprietors. From its unparalleled colour accuracy and precision to its seamless integration of advanced technologies, we explore how this printer not only meets but exceeds the demands of modern large-format printing enterprises. Join us as we uncover the transformative impact and new horizons that the TrueVIS AP-640 unlocks, reshaping the future of the industry.

What is Large-Format Printing?

Large Format Printing Finished Products

Large-format printing refers to the process of producing printed materials on a larger scale than standard printing methods. It involves printing images, graphics, and text on larger surfaces, typically ranging from about 18 inches (45 centimetres) to several feet in width. Large-format printing is commonly used for creating visual materials that need to be noticed from a distance, such as banners, posters, billboards, trade show graphics, vehicle wraps, wall murals, and more.

This type of printing requires specialized equipment that can handle the larger dimensions of the printing substrates (such as paper, vinyl, fabric, or even rigid materials like foam board or metal sheets). Large format printers use a variety of printing technologies, including inkjet, eco-solvent ink technology and resin ink technology, to name a few.

Large-format printing has the advantage of producing high-quality, detailed images that can capture attention and convey messages effectively, making it a popular choice for advertising, marketing, and visual communication purposes.

Roland TrueVIS AP-640 Features

Introducing the Roland TrueVIS AP-640 Resin Printer, a cutting-edge printing solution from Roland DG designed specifically for wide-format printing applications. The TrueVIS AP-640 is an innovative large-format printer designed to redefine the standards of quality and versatility in the printing industry. With its unparalleled colour accuracy, advanced printing technologies, and seamless integration, this printer empowers businesses to bring their creative visions to life on a grand scale, making it the ultimate choice for high-impact visual communication projects.

The TrueVIS AP-640 incorporates cutting-edge resin ink aimed at enhancing colour fidelity with high colour saturation across a wide range of substrates, from vinyl and paper to various films and specially formulated textiles. This expansion in printing capabilities allows for the creation of diverse graphic products, including flags, roll-up screens, textiles, wallpapers, and many other applications.

The continued strong demand for eco-solvent print technology persists, with the TrueVIS VG3 and SG3 establishing a significant market presence thanks to their exceptional printing quality. However, there is a growing need for an expanded range of applications that goes beyond what traditional eco-solvent devices can offer. Numerous companies have adopted forward-thinking strategies to embrace eco-friendly application solutions. Through the integration of resin ink technology, Roland DG demonstrates its dedication to acknowledging and meeting the evolving trends and market demands related to environmental sustainability. TrueVIS Resin Ink meets the most rigorous standards for low VOC emissions into indoor air.

Printheads are arranged in a dual, staggered formation with an optimizer printhead and dedicated CMYK printhead for a finer dot, resulting in more precise colour and image results. Water-based TrueVIS Resin Ink provides quick-drying, scratch-resistant, safe results on a wide range of media. TrueVIS Resin Ink, which is water-based, delivers rapid drying times, durability against scratches, and secure outcomes across a diverse spectrum of media. It also has a high-productivity Dryer Unit that allows prints to dry quickly and completely before proceeding to the next process.

The AP-640 comes equipped with a user-friendly 7-inch LCD Touchscreen Control Panel, providing a straightforward interface for accessing media setup and various menu options effortlessly. Additionally, the touchscreen allows for convenient access to features like nozzle check and automated calibration. You can customize settings for individual media types, easily accessible upon startup, encompassing calibration configurations and monitoring remaining media quantities. Seamlessly control the take-up system directly from the home screen and gain real-time insights into print heater status, external dryer operation, and the estimated time remaining for print jobs.

What is Resin Ink?

Until now, resin/latex printing was associated with flat, uninspiring colours. Enter the TrueVIS AP-640 that’s redefining resin printing with high colour saturation on a wide range of materials from uncoated PVC to non-PVC media. Resin ink has been in circulation for approximately 12 years. It was initially created to cater to specific applications and meet the needs of users seeking top-tier print quality, remarkable colour vibrancy, and the capability to print on a wide variety of materials. Additionally, it offers swift drying properties to facilitate quick turnarounds and contributes to a diminished environmental footprint.

It’s imperative for business owners to enhance their wide-format printing services. Upgrading your wide-format printing capabilities isn’t just an investment in technology; it’s an investment in the future success and sustainability of your business. By staying ahead of the curve and offering your clients the best in wide-format printing, you’re not only meeting their demands but also positioning your business as a leader in the dynamic world of visual communication.

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