Roland DG Eco UV Ink Eco UV4 VersaUV

ECO-UV4 Inks

ECO-UV4 Inks


*** Special order product

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  • ECO-UV4 now available in six colors (CMYK plus Gloss/White)
  • 220 ml cartridges and 500ml cartridges (TBD)
  • EUV4 ink is compatible with LEC series printer/cutters, LEJ‐640 printers, LEF series printers
  • More color stability
  • Increased Curing Ability (Offset)


ECO-UV4 Inks

Compatible with VersaUV series and more, these ECO-UV4 Inks are specially formulated to ensure accurate ink droplet placement, strong adhesion and excellent color reproduction, while also reducing odor. New Roland EUV4 ink is also available in 500cc cartridges, increasing convenience and minimizing material and running costs.

ECO-UV Ink is perfect for curing at all available print speeds, delivering high color density and wide gamut for exceptional images print after print.


What’s new?

  • The advanced formulation of the Eco-UV4 ink series ensures accurate ink droplet placement, superior adhesion and outstanding color reproduction.
  • Designed for the VersaUV LEC series printer/cutters, LEJ‐640 flatbed/LEJ‐640FT flatbed printer, LEJ‐ 640 roll‐to‐roll hybrid printer, and VersaUV LEF series printers.
  • Supports CMYKGW, CMYKGG and CMYKWW
  • Switching from ECO‐UV to ECO‐UV 4 ink (or vice‐versa)i is supported, and requires an update for both firmware and VersaWorks® as well as four (4) cleaning cartridges to clean the ink lines
  • Outdoor durability up to one year unprotected.

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Important Information

  • The 500cc cartridges are compatible ONLY with the VersaUV LEC printer/cutter series, LEJ-640 hybrid printer, and LEJ-640FT. For LEF-12 and LEF-20, only 220cc cartridges are available.
  • Ink switch from ECO-UV to ECO-UV 4 ink (or vice-versa*) is supported and requires an update for both firmware and VersaWorks as well as cleaning fluid and swabs.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 5 × 2 in

ECO-UV Ink, 220cc Cartridge, Black, ECO-UV Ink, 220cc Cartridge, Cyan, ECO-UV Ink, 220cc Cartridge, Gloss, ECO-UV Ink, 220cc Cartridge, Magenta, ECO-UV Ink, 220cc Cartridge, White, ECO-UV Ink, 220cc Cartridge, Yellow, ECO-UV Ink, 500cc Cartridge, Black, ECO-UV Ink, 500cc Cartridge, Cyan, ECO-UV Ink, 500cc Cartridge, Gloss, ECO-UV Ink, 500cc Cartridge, Magenta, ECO-UV Ink, 500cc Cartridge, Yellow

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